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Healthy Teens Screening Software

Screening topics

For information on the topics covered in the screening, see the slides from the presentation by Ardis Olson, MD, titled, "Enhancing Adolescent Health Counseling: Healthy Teens PDA Screening" (PDF, 1.24 MB). The full list of screening questions is copyrighted, and will be made available to practices after licensing.

Screener software manual

The Healthy Teen Screener Software Manual covers system requirements, installation instructions, the syncing process, maintenance and calibration of the PDA, and how to use the screening software. Download the manual (PDF)

To upgrade to the latest version of the software, use these instructions (PDF). (Note: if you are using a version older than DartScreen v4.3, please contact us before upgrading.)

Frequently asked questions

An online list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the use and installation of the screener software and PDAs, and also as a PDF for printing.

Instructions for IT support at the clinic level

To set up the Palm, you may need to work with the computer support staff at your clinic. Please consult the installation instructions for IT staff (PDF) for details regarding firewall settings and other required system configurations.

Recommended PDAs are the Palm Zire 22 or the Palm Zire 31. These models have been discontinued by Palm, but used or refurbished models can be purchased through Amazon or other online retailers.

Licensing information

To purchase or renew a screener software license or technical support, simply fill out the Purchase/Renew Health Screener Software License form. Payment processing is via Paypal, where you can pay with a Paypal account or a credit card.