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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Cancer Currents for January 2016

Mark Israel

Happy New Year!

With the holiday season well behind us, I want to personally thank each of you for the hard work you have invested in making the Norris Cotton Cancer Center such an important, vital resource to our community and to the world of cancer research and care. This past year saw outstanding results and promise in research, clinical trials and clinical care. Our second Cancer Center retreat in December was a wonderful opportunity for us to come together, reflect on the year's work, celebrate our collaborative successes and think about the exciting work ahead.

We face many challenges, but just as many opportunities to make a tremendous impact on the future. I'm so proud of our Cancer Center community, and look forward with great enthusiasm. The needs of cancer patients are immense, yet we have such powerful tools and capable people that I am energized by the knowledge that we have and we can continue to make a huge difference.

I continue to be impressed by your passion for daily work and the commitment to collaboration to tackle complex problems. There is no aspect of what we do that is more important than our colleagues and I am committed to providing the best environment possible for you to advance our work.

I wish you all the best for a meaningful new year.

—Mark Israel, Director