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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Membership Criteria

Cancer Center members are selected for their scientific excellence and for their commitment to work together in a scientific community.

Membership is available to Dartmouth faculty-at the assistant professor level or higher-who further the research mission of the Cancer Center through an active interest in cancer biology, prevention, treatment, or management. Each Investigator is appointed to a specific Research Program reflecting his/her interests, and is expected to participate fully in program activities.

Eligibility for membership is accorded to those who meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Have current cancer-related peer-reviewed funding as a principal investigator.
  • Have had cancer-related research support within the past three calendar years and intend to continue in cancer research.
  • Have not had cancer-related peer-reviewed funding as a principal investigator within the past three years BUT actively participate in cancer research that contributes to the Cancer Center's mission of collaborative cancer research. This interest is best demonstrated through participation on grants and publications.
  • Participate in clinical cancer research through protocol development or implementation.

Members who provide support of clinical research, biostatistics, pathology, and the like, are considered central to the mission of the Cancer Center and its Research Programs.