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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Molecular Therapeutics Program Members

Program co-directors

Alan Eastman, PhD
Lionel Lewis, MD


Mary D. Chamberlin, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
Interests: Research focused on breast cancer in low resource settings; molecular therapeutics and cancer prevention through exercise interventions

Konstantin H. Dragnev, MD, Professor of Medicine; Associate Director for Medicine Clinical Research
Interests: Studies the molecular biology and molecular pharmacology of lung cancer. Conducts proof of concept clinical trials

Alan Eastman, PhD, Professor of Molecular & Systems Biology
Interests: Development of novel cancer chemotherapeutic strategies targeting cell cycle checkpoint regulators and apoptosis.

Arti B. Gaur, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurology
Interests: Clinical trials to establish diagnostic biomarkers for gliomas and develop in vivo wireless, nano-devices to predict cancer and deliver targeted novel therapies.

William B. Kinlaw, MD, Professor of Medicine
Interests: Lipid synthesis and uptake as potential therapeutic targets in breast and other cancers.

Frederick Lansigan, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
Interests: Research and treatment of hematologic malignancies with primary focus on lymphoma.

Lionel D. Lewis, MD, Professor of Medicine, Section of Clinical Pharmacology
Interests: Early phase clinical trials, clinical pharmacology and toxicology of antineoplastic agents.

Glenn Micalizio, PhD, New Hampshire Professor of Chemistry
Interests: Research is directed at the core of organic synthesis — a scientific discipline that is critical to success in all small molecule drug discovery campaigns.

Dale Mierke, PhD, Professor of Chemistry
Interests: Studies the structural basis and the mechanism of action of different peptide hormones.

Todd W. Miller, PhD, Associate Professor of Molecular & Systems Biology
Interests: Translational application of novel drugs targeting cell signaling pathways for therapy of breast cancer.

William G. North, PhD, Professor of Molecular & Systems Biology
Interests: Vasopressin and oxytocin-related neuropeptides, and NMDA receptors in breast cancer, small-cell carcinoma, and other solid tumors.

Diwakar R. Pattabiraman, PhD, Assistant Professor of Molecular & Systems Biology
Interests: Reversing epithelial to mesenchymal transition as a therapeutic strategy for cancer.

Maria M. Pellegrini, PhD, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Interests: Synthesis of lead compounds targeting NFkB.

Alexandre A. Pletnev, PhD, Research Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Interests: Organic synthesis of novel compounds in support of biomedical research.

Michael J. Ragusa, PhD, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Interests: Investigates the mechanisms by which cancer cells degrade proteins and how this degradation supports their proliferation.

Yolanda Sanchez, PhD, Associate Professor of Molecular & Systems Biology
Interests: Cell cycle checkpoints in the etiology of cancer and as drug targets for cancer. Drug discovery using chemical genetic screens.

Gary N. Schwartz, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine
Interests: Cancer chemotherapy and endocrine therapy for breast cancer; signal transduction pathways and new drug development

Jennifer R. Shell, PhD, Research Scientist of Thayer School of Engineering
Interests: Vitamin B-conjugated drug targeting for cancer therapy.

Kerrington D. Smith, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery
Interests: Studies general oncology, endocrine tumors, gastrointestinal & pancreatic cancer, melanoma and performs surgical oncology.

Mark R. Spaller, PhD, Associate Professor of Medical Education and of Chemistry
Interests: Development of peptides and organic small molecules targeting proteins in cancer research & drug discovery; protein biochemistry.

Craig R. Tomlinson, PhD, Senior Research Scientist/Analyst/Engineer of Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Interests: Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor signaling in obesity, cancer, atherosclerosis. Genomics approaches in development/disease.

Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD, HCLD, FACB, Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Interests: Development of molecular diagnostic technologies and applications for rapid diagnosis of human cancers.

Xiaofeng Wang, PhD, Assistant Professor of Molecular & Systems Biology
Interests: Therapeutically targeting defects in chromatin modifiers in cancer.

Jimmy Wu, PhD, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Interests: Develops new methodologies and strategies for the synthesis of molecules that perturb novel targets and mechanisms for apoptosis.