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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
In This Section

Molecular Biology Services

  • NanoString Technologies
  • Sample preparation for Sanger DNA sequencing
  • Sanger DNA sequencing
  • DNA fragment analysis
  • Data review, troubleshooting and analysis resources

Supported Applications

  • AFLP
  • BAC Fingerprinting
  • Methylation
  • LOH (loss of heterozygosity)
  • Digital Genomics
  • Pathway-based Translational Research
  • Gene Expression
  • miRNA
  • CNV

Sequencing Analysis software - Automated basecalling, and assigns quality values. Allows the option to visualize, edit, print and re-basecall sequencing data using the KB basecaller. SeqScape software- Offers the most complete solution for variant detection projects. The software reads Genbank files to create a reference sequence and annotate sequence features such as protein coding sequence, introns, and exons. In addition, data from dbSNP can be automatically imported to provide accurate nucleotide variants information.

GeneMapper software - Enables configurable, automated allele calling, a valuable asset for high-throughput genotyping. The software can process over 100,000 genotypes per hour, and significantly reduce the time and effort in the genotyping process.