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New Research

Messages for motivation and support for behavioral change

This study, funded by the Flight Attendants Medical Research Institute, is developing and testing educational messages and branded promotional items to support parent choices to either

  • Develop and maintain smoke-free homes and cars, or
  • Increase healthy food choices and activity levels.

Participating families will be recruited during summer and fall of 2010.


Among teens using the PDA, 25% of smokers are interested in quitting tobacco and 70% of inactive teens in exercising more. To support teens after their health visit in actually making these changes, we are developing an intervention that will identify the teens who are interested in changing using the PDA screener. Teens 15-19 years old will be enrolled in the study, which will provide ongoing support to make changes through cell phone text messages and a social network site. This project will be conducted in 5-6 New Hampshire and Vermont pediatric practices during summer of 2010.