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New Hampshire Mammography Network

Mammography centers throughout the state of New Hampshire are working with Norris Cotton Cancer Center and Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth to develop a registry (a computer database) of mammograms that will help us understand breast problems, including breast cancer. The registry is called the New Hampshire Mammography Network (NHMN).

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As part of this study, many women choose to fill out a detailed questionnaire each time they get a mammogram. The information women give us on the questionnaire includes information about them, their family history, certain risk factors, certain medications they may be taking, and breast procedures they may have had in the past. This information is entered into the NHMN registry, along with the mammography results.

NHMN's continued collection of data is essential to gauging the impact of mammography on cancer detection, to evaluating new mammography technologies, and to finding ways to encourage women to get screened. NHMN is one of only five mammography registries nationwide, which comprise the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, funded by the National Cancer Institute. Since the late 1990s, NHMN has collected data on almost a million mammograms in New Hampshire. The combined data from the five registries, including NHMN's, contains information about more than 6.5 million mammograms.


For more information, contact:

Martha Goodrich, Study Coordinator
Phone: (603) 650-3420