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Recent Publications for November 2014

  1. Barry EL, Rees JR, Peacock JL, Mott LA, Amos CI, Bostick RM, Figueiredo JC, Ahnen DJ, Bresalier RS, Burke CA, Baron JA (2014). Genetic Variants in CYP2R1, CYP24A1, and VDR Modify the Efficacy of Vitamin D3 Supplementation for Increasing Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Levels in a Randomized Controlled Trial. The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism 99(10):E2133-E2137. PMCID: 4184076. Link
  2. Berman MI, Hegel MT (2014). Predicting depression outcome in mental health treatment: A recursive partitioning analysis. Psychotherapy research : journal of the Society for Psychotherapy Research 24(6):675-686. Link
  3. Biancolella M, Fortini BK, Tring S, Plummer SJ, Mendoza-Fandino GA, Hartiala J, Hitchler MJ, Yan C, Schumacher FR, Conti DV, Edlund CK, Noushmehr H, Coetzee SG, Bresalier RS, Ahnen DJ, Barry EL, Berman BP, Rice JC, Coetzee GA, Casey G (2014). Identification and characterization of functional risk variants for colorectal cancer mapping to chromosome 11q23.1. Human molecular genetics 23(8):2198-2209. PMCID: 3959808. Link
  4. Budney AJ, Emond JA (2014). Caffeine addiction? Caffeine for youth? Time to act! Addiction 109(11):1771-1772. Link
  5. Celaj S, Gleeson MW, Deng J, O'Toole GA, Hampton TH, Toft MF, Morrison HG, Sogin ML, Putra J, Suriawinata AA, Gorham JD (2014). The microbiota regulates susceptibility to Fas-mediated acute hepatic injury. Laboratory investigation; a journal of technical methods and pathology 94(9):938-949. PMCID: 4152405. Link
  6. Cheng X, Micalizio GC (2014). An annulation reaction for the synthesis of cross-conjugated triene-containing hydroindanes from acyclic precursors. Organic letters 16(19):5144-5147. PMCID: 4184447. Link
  7. Colla CH (2014). Swimming against the current--what might work to reduce low-value care? The New England journal of medicine 371(14):1280-1283. Link
  8. Colla CH, Fisher ES (2014). Beyond PCMHs and Accountable Care Organizations: Payment Reform That Encourages Customized Care. Journal of general internal medicine 29(10):1325-7. PMCID: 4175650. Link
  9. Correll CU, Robinson DG, Schooler NR, Brunette MF, Mueser KT, Rosenheck RA, Marcy P, Addington J, Estroff SE, Robinson J, Penn DL, Azrin S, Goldstein A, Severe J, Heinssen R, Kane JM (2014). Cardiometabolic Risk in Patients With First-Episode Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders: Baseline Results From the RAISE-ETP Study. JAMA psychiatry. [Epub ahead of print] Link
  10. Deyo RA, Dworkin SF, Amtmann D, Andersson G, Borenstein D, Carragee E, Carrino J, Chou R, Cook K, DeLitto A, Goertz C, Khalsa P, Loeser J, Mackey S, Panagis J, Rainville J, Tosteson T, Turk D, Korff MV, Weiner DK (2014). Report of the NIH Task Force on research standards for chronic low back pain. Pain medicine 15(8):1249-1267. Link
  11. Deyo RA, Dworkin SF, Amtmann D, Andersson G, Borenstein D, Carragee E, Carrino J, Chou R, Cook K, DeLitto A, Goertz C, Khalsa P, Loeser J, Mackey S, Panagis J, Rainville J, Tosteson T, Turk D, Von Korff M, Weiner DK (2014). Report of the national institutes of health task force on research standards for chronic low back pain. Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics 37(7):449-467. Link
  12. Dillon LM, Bean JR, Yang W, Shee K, Symonds LK, Balko JM, McDonald WH, Liu S, Gonzalez-Angulo AM, Mills GB, Arteaga CL, Miller TW (2014). P-REX1 creates a positive feedback loop to activate growth factor receptor, PI3K/AKT and MEK/ERK signaling in breast cancer. Oncogene. [Epub ahead of print] Link
  13. Dumont LJ, Cancelas JA, Maes LA, Rugg N, Whitley P, Herschel L, Siegal AH, Szczepiorkowski ZM, Hess JR, Zia M (2014). Overnight, room temperature hold of whole blood followed by 42-day storage of red blood cells in additive solution-7. Transfusion. [Epub ahead of print] Link
  14. Dunbar NM, Szczepiorkowski ZM (2014). Hardwiring patient blood management: harnessing information technology to optimize transfusion practice. Current opinion in hematology 21(6):515-520. Link
  15. Emond JA, Gilbert-Diamond D, Tanski SE, Sargent JD (2014). Energy Drink Consumption and the Risk of Alcohol Use Disorder among a National Sample of Adolescents and Young Adults. The Journal of pediatrics.  [Epub ahead of print] Link
  16. Fan X, Ji S, Hartov A, Roberts DW, Paulsen KD (2014). Stereovision to MR image registration for cortical surface displacement mapping to enhance image-guided neurosurgery. Medical physics 41(10):102302. Link
  17. Felix AS, Gaudet MM, Vecchia CL, Nagle CM, Shu XO, Weiderpass E, Adami HO, Beresford S, Bernstein L, Chen C, Cook LS, Vivo ID, Doherty JA, Friedenreich CM, Gapstur SM, Hill D, Horn-Ross PL, Lacey JV, Levi F, Liang X, Lu L, Magliocco A, McCann SE, Negri E, Olson SH, Palmer JR, Patel AV, Petruzella S, Prescott J, Risch HA, Rosenberg L, Sherman ME, Spurdle AB, Webb PM, Wise LA, Xiang YB, Xu W, Yang HP, Yu H, Zeleniuch-Jacquotte A, Brinton LA (2014). Intrauterine devices and endometrial cancer risk: A pooled analysis of the Epidemiology of Endometrial Cancer Consortium. International journal of cancer Journal international du cancer. [Epub ahead of print] Link
  18. Fischer AS, Whitfield-Gabrieli S, Roth RM, Brunette MF, Green AI (2014). Impaired functional connectivity of brain reward circuitry in patients with schizophrenia and cannabis use disorder: Effects of cannabis and THC. Schizophrenia research 158(1-3):176-182. Link
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  20. Geller BM, Nelson HD, Carney PA, Weaver DL, Onega T, Allison KH, Frederick PD, Tosteson AN, Elmore JG (2014). Second opinion in breast pathology: policy, practice and perception. Journal of clinical pathology 67(11):955-960. Link
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  26. Kaser DJ, Goldman MB, Fung JL, Alper MM, Reindollar RH (2014). When is clomiphene or gonadotropin intrauterine insemination futile? Results of the Fast Track and Standard Treatment Trial and the Forty and Over Treatment Trial, two prospective randomized controlled trials. Fertility and sterility. [Epub ahead of print] Link
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