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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Obligations of Membership

  1. Each Investigator must belong to a Research Program and actively participate in meetings and other Program activities. Specific requirements for participation may be defined/negotiated by individual Program directors and their Program members. Investigators ordinarily will have one primary Program affiliation, although they are encouraged to interact with other Programs. In very rare cases, dual memberships are allowed by the Cancer Research Committee for an investigator whose research interests clearly bridge two Programs.
  2. Each Investigator will provide up-to-date curricula vitae, NIH biosketches, other support, and copies of their publications annually, or more often if needed by Cancer Center staff for grant preparation.
  3. Each Investigator will identify his/her association with Norris Cotton Cancer Center and acknowledge the use of NCI-supported Shared Resources in all publications arising from research conducted while a member of the Center.
  4. Each Research Program director, or the Program co-directors, will review Program membership annually to assess participation in the Program and productivity in cancer-related research. The Program director will meet with each of the nonparticipating members to discuss his/her future with the Program, and to determine eligibility to remain an active member. Investigator status may be withdrawn, after suitable warning, from anyone who consistently does not participate in program activities.
  5. Cancer Center Members will be responsive when occasionally asked to meet with potential donors and participate in fund-raising activities.