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Recent Publications for October 2014

Abramson JS, Feldman T, Kroll-Desrosiers AR, Muffly LS, Winer E, Flowers CR, Lansigan F, Nabhan C, Nastoupil LJ, Nath R, Goy A, Castillo JJ, Jagadeesh D, Woda B, Rosen ST, Smith SM Evens AM (2014). Peripheral T-cell lymphomas in a large us multicenter cohort: prognostication in the modern era including impact of frontline therapy. Ann Oncol [Epub ahead of print] Link

Adachi-Mejia AM, Edwards PM, Gilbert-Diamond D, Greenough GP Olson AL (2014). TXT me I'm only sleeping: adolescents with mobile phones in their bedroom. Fam Community Health 37(4):252-257.  Link

Amacher JF, Zhao R, Spaller MR Madden DR (2014). Chemically modified peptide scaffolds target the CFTR-associated ligand PDZ domain. PLoS One 9(8):e103650.  Link

Anderson JC, Butterly LF, Robinson CM, Goodrich M Weiss JE (2014). Impact of fair bowel preparation quality on adenoma and serrated polyp detection: data from the New Hampshire Colonoscopy Registry by using a standardized preparation-quality rating. Gastrointest Endosc 80(3):463-470.  Link

Babic A, Cramer DW, Titus LJ, Tworoger SS Terry KL (2014). Menstrual pain and epithelial ovarian cancer risk. Cancer Causes Control. [Epub ahead of print] Link

Bakhoum SF, Kabeche L, Murnane JP, Zaki BI Compton DA (2014). DNA damage response during mitosis induces whole chromosome mis-segregation. Cancer Discov. [Epub ahead of print] Link

Bekelis K, Missios S Roberts DW (2014). Erratum to: Institutional charges and disparities in outpatient brain biopsies in four US States: The State Ambulatory Database (SASD). J Neurooncol 119(1):221.  Link

Beumer JH, Owzar K, Lewis LD, Jiang C, Holleran JL, Christner SM, Blum W, Devine S, Kolitz JE, Linker C, Vij R, Alyea EP, Larson RA, Ratain MJ Egorin MJ (2014). Effect of age on the pharmacokinetics of busulfan in patients undergoing hematopoietic cell transplantation; an alliance study (CALGB 10503, 19808, and 100103). Cancer Chemother Pharmacol.  [Epub ahead of print]Link

Biswas N, Rodriguez-Garcia M, Shen Z, Crist SG, Bodwell JE, Fahey JV Wira CR (2014). Effects of tenofovir on cytokines and nucleotidases in HIV-1 target cells and the mucosal tissue environment in the female reproductive tract. Antimicrob Agents Chemother.  [Epub ahead of print]Link

Bridges AA Gladfelter AS (2014). Fungal pathogens are platforms for discovering novel and conserved septin properties. Curr Opin Microbiol 20C:42-48. Link

Chavez RS Heatherton TF (2014). Representational similarity of social and valence information in the medial pFC. J Cogn Neurosci: 1-10.  Link

Christiansen CF, Onega T, Svaerke C, Kormendine Farkas D, Jespersen B, Baron JA Sorensen HT (2014). Risk and prognosis of cancer in patients with nephrotic syndrome. Am J Med 127(9):871-877 e871.  Link

Cleeland CS, Mayer M, Dreyer NA, Yim YM, Yu E, Su Z, Mun Y, Sloan JA Kaufman PA (2014). Impact of symptom burden on work-related abilities in patients with locally recurrent or metastatic breast cancer: Results from a substudy of the VIRGO observational cohort study. Breast [Epub ahead of print] Link

Colt JS, Friesen MC, Stewart PA, Donguk P, Johnson A, Schwenn M, Karagas MR, Armenti K, Waddell R, Verrill C, Ward MH, Beane Freeman LE, Moore LE, Koutros S, Baris D Silverman DT (2014). A case-control study of occupational exposure to metalworking fluids and bladder cancer risk among men. Occup Environ Med 71(10):667-674.  Link

Crockett SD, Mott LA, Barry EL, Figueiredo JC, Burke C, Baxter G, Sandler RS Baron JA (2014). C-reactive protein and risk of colorectal adenomas or serrated polyps: a prospective study. Cancer Prev Res (Phila)Link

Davis MA, Gilbert-Diamond D, Karagas MR, Li Z, Moore JH, Williams SM Frost HR (2014). A dietary-wide association study (DWAS) of environmental metal exposure in US children and adults. PLoS One 9(9):e104768. Link

Davis MA, Li Z, Gilbert-Diamond D, Mackenzie TA, Cottingham KL, Jackson BP, Lee JS, Baker ER, Marsit CJ Karagas MR (2014). Infant toenails as a biomarker of in utero arsenic exposure. J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol 24(5):467-473. Link

de Bruin G, Huber EM, Xin BT, van Rooden EJ, Al-Ayed K, Kim KB, Kisselev AF, Driessen C, van der Stelt M, van der Marel GA, Groll M Overkleeft HS (2014). Structure-based design of beta1i or beta5i specific inhibitors of human immunoproteasomes. J Med Chem 57(14):6197-6209.  Link

Deng L, Kabeche R, Wang N, Wu JQ Moseley JB (2014). Megadalton-node assembly by binding of Skb1 to the membrane anchor Slf1. Mol Biol Cell 25(17):2660-2668.  Link

Deyo RA, Dworkin SF, Amtmann D, Andersson G, Borenstein D, Carragee E, Carrino J, Chou R, Cook K, DeLitto A, Goertz C, Khalsa P, Loeser J, Mackey S, Panagis J, Rainville J, Tosteson T, Turk D, Von Korff M Weiner DK (2014). Focus article: report of the NIH task force on research standards for chronic low back pain. Eur Spine J [Epub ahead of print]  Link

Deyo RA, Dworkin SF, Amtmann D, Andersson G, Borenstein D, Carragee E, Carrino J, Chou R, Cook K, DeLitto A, Goertz C, Khalsa P, Loeser J, Mackey S, Panagis J, Rainville J, Tosteson T, Turk D, Von Korff M Weiner DK (2014). Report of the national institutes of health task force on research standards for chronic low back pain. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 37(7):449-467.  Link

Doescher MP, Lee C, Berke EM, Adachi-Mejia AM, Lee CK, Stewart O, Patterson DG, Hurvitz PM, Carlos HA, Duncan GE Moudon AV (2014). The built environment and utilitarian walking in small U.S. towns. Prev Med [Epub ahead of print]  Link

Fadul CE, Fisher JL, Hampton TH Ernstoff MS (2014). Letter to the editor. J Immunother Cancer 2:22.  Link

Fang S, Wang Y, Chun YS, Liu H, Ross MI, Gershenwald JE, Cormier JN, Royal RE, Lucci A, Schacherer CW, Reveille JD, Sui D, Bassett RL, Wang LE, Wei Q, Amos CI Lee JE (2014). The relationship between blood IL-12p40 level and melanoma progression. Int J Cancer [Epub ahead of print]  Link

Fitzpatrick JM, Pellegrini M, Cushing PR Mierke DF (2014). Small Molecule Inhibition of the Na+/H+ Exchange Regulatory Factor 1 and Parathyroid Hormone 1 Receptor Interaction. Biochemistry [Epub ahead of print]  Link

Fleischer T, Frigessi A, Johnson KC, Edvardsen H, Touleimat N, Klajic J, Riis M, Haakensen VD, Warnberg F, Naume B, Helland A, Borresen-Dale AL, Tost J, Christensen BC Kristensen VN (2014). Genome-wide DNA methylation profiles in progression to. Genome Biol 15(8):435.  Link

Gardner TB, Hessami N, Smith KD, Ripple GH, Barth RJ, Klibansky DA, Colacchio TA, Zaki B, Tsapakos MJ, Suriawinata AA, Putra J, Tsongalis GJ, Mody K, Gordon SR Pipas JM (2014). The effect of neoadjuvant chemoradiation on pancreatic cancer-associated diabetes mellitus. Pancreas 43(7):1018-1021.  Link

George CM, Bozler J, Nguyen HQ Bosco G (2014). Condensins are required for maintenance of nuclear architecture. Cells 3(3):865-882. Link

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Greene CS, Tan J, Ung M, Moore JH Cheng C (2014). Big data bioinformatics. J Cell Physiol 229(12):1896-1900.  Link

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Hart KM, Usherwood EJ Berwin BL (2014). CX3CR1 delineates temporally and functionally distinct subsets of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in a mouse model of ovarian cancer. Immunol Cell Biol 92(6):499-508.  Link

Hatch AL, Gurel PS Higgs HN (2014). Novel roles for actin in mitochondrial fission. J Cell Sci [Epub ahead of print]  Link

Holt RW, Zhang R, Esipova TV, Vinogradov SA, Glaser AK, Gladstone DJ Pogue BW (2014). Cherenkov excited phosphorescence-based pO2 estimation during multi-beam radiation therapy: phantom and simulation studies. Phys Med Biol 59(18):5317-5328.  Link

Hosford SR Miller TW (2014). Clinical potential of novel therapeutic targets in breast cancer: CDK4/6, Src, JAK/STAT, PARP, HDAC, and PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathways. Pharmgenomics Pers Med 7:203-215.  Link

Hou H, Krishnamurthy Nemani V, Du G, Montano R, Song R, Gimi B, Swartz HM, Eastman A Khan N (2014). Monitoring oxygen levels in orthotopic human glioma xenograft following carbogen inhalation and chemotherapy by implantable resonator-based oximetry. Int J Cancer [Epub ahead of print] Link

Hu T, Banzhaf W Moore JH (2014). The Effects of recombination on phenotypic exploration and robustness in evolution. Artif Life:1-14.  Link

Hughes JR, Fingar JR, Budney AJ, Naud S, Helzer JE Callas PW (2014). Marijuana use and intoxication among daily users: an intensive longitudinal study. Addict Behav 39(10):1464-1470.  Link

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Kazerooni EA, Austin JH, Black WC, Dyer DS, Hazelton TR, Leung AN, McNitt-Gray MF, Munden RF Pipavath S (2014). ACR-STR practice parameter for the performance and reporting of lung cancer screening thoracic computed tomography (CT): 2014 (Resolution 4)*. J Thorac Imaging 29(5):310-316.  Link

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Koral K, Alford R, Choudhury N, Mossa-Basha M, Gargan L, Gimi B, Gao A, Zhang S, Bowers DC, Koral KM Izbudak I (2014). Applicability of apparent diffusion coefficient ratios in preoperative diagnosis of common pediatric cerebellar tumors across two institutions. Neuroradiology 56(9):781-788.  Link

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Liu C, Ma J Amos CI (2014). Bayesian variable selection for hierarchical gene-environment and gene-gene interactions. Hum Genet [Epub ahead of print] Link

Lopez-Isac E, Bossini-Castillo L, S GG, Assassi S, Zhou X, PilarSimeon C, Ortego-Centeno N, Castellvi I, Carreira P, Gorlova O, Beretta L, Santaniello A, Lunardi C, Hesselstrand R, Nordin A, Riemekasten G, Witte T, Hunzelmann N, Kreuter A, Distler JH, Voskuyl AE, deVries-Bouwstra J, Koeleman BP, Herrick A, Worthington J, Denton C, Fonseca C, Radstake TR, Mayes MD, Martin J the Spanish Scleroderma G (2014). Identification of IL12RB1 as a novel systemic sclerosis susceptibility locus. Arthritis Rheumatol [Epub ahead of print]   Link

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Nifoussi SK, Ratcliffe NR, Ornstein DL, Kasof G, Strack S Craig RW (2014). Inhibition of protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) prevents Mcl-1 protein dephosphorylation at the Thr-163/Ser-159 phosphodegron, dramatically reducing expression in Mcl-1-amplified lymphoma cells. J Biol Chem 289(32):21950-21959.  Link

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