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Recent Publications for September 2015

May, June, July, August 2015 - Cancer Center Members Publications

  1. Addington J, Heinssen RK, Robinson DG, Schooler NR, Marcy P, Brunette MF, Correll CU, Estroff S, Mueser KT, Penn D, Robinson JA, Rosenheck RA, Azrin ST, Goldstein AB, Severe J, Kane JM (2015). Duration of untreated psychosis in community treatment settings in the United States. Psychiatr Serv 66(7):753-756. PMCID: PMC Journal In-process Link
  2. Afghahi A, Forgo E, Mitani AA, Desai M, Varma S, Seto T, Rigdon J, Jensen KC, Troxell ML, Gomez SL, Das AK, Beck AH, Kurian AW, West RB (2015). Chromosomal copy number alterations for associations of ductal carcinoma in situ with invasive breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res 17:108. PMCID: PMC4534146 Link
  3. Alhabbab R, Blair P, Elgueta R, Stolarczyk E, Marks E, Becker PD, Ratnasothy K, Smyth L, Safinia N, Sharif-Paghaleh E, O'Connell S, Noelle RJ, Lord GM, Howard JK, Spencer J, Lechler RI, Lombardi G (2015). Diversity of gut microflora is required for the generation of B cell with regulatory properties in a skin graft model. Sci Rep 5:11554. PMCID: PMC4479822 Link
  4. Anderson JC, Robertson DJ (2015). Colon washing tips the scales toward a better prep. J Clin Gastroenterol 49(4):267-269. PMCID: PMC Journal In-process Link
  5. Andreozzi J, Jarvis L, Zhang R, Williams B, Glaser A, Pogue B, Gladstone D (2015). MO-AB-BRA-08: Rapid Treatment Field Uniformity Optimization for Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy Using Cherenkov Imaging. Med Phys 42(6):3548. PMCID: PMC Journal In-process Link
  6. Argos M, Chen L, Jasmine F, Tong L, Pierce BL, Roy S, Paul-Brutus R, Gamble MV, Harper KN, Parvez F, Rahman M, Rakibuz-Zaman M, Slavkovich V, Baron JA, Graziano JH, Kibriya MG, Ahsan H (2015). Gene-specific differential DNA methylation and chronic arsenic exposure in an epigenome-wide association study of adults in Bangladesh. Environ Health Perspect 123(1):64-71. PMCID: PMC4286273 Link
  7. Aschbrenner KA, Brunette MF, McElvery R, Naslund JA, Scherer EA, Pratt SI, Bartels SJ (2015). Cigarette smoking and interest in quitting among overweight and obese adults with serious mental illness enrolled in a fitness intervention. J Ner Ment Dis 203(6):473-476. Link
  8. Bahar N, Roberts K, Stabile F, Mongillo N, Decker RD, Wilson LD, Husain Z, Contessa J, Williams BB, Flood AB, Swartz HM, Carlson DJ (2015). SU-C-BRD-05: Non-invasive in vivo biodosimetry in radiotherapy patients using electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. Med Phys 42(6):3192. Link
  9. Baker I, Fiering SN, Griswold KE, Hoopes PJ, Kekalo K, Ndong C, Paulsen K, Petryk AA, Pogue B, Shubitidze F, Weaver J (2015). The Dartmouth Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence: magnetic hyperthermia. Nanomed 10(11):1685-1692. Link
  10. Balboni AL, Cherukuri P, Ung M, DeCastro AJ, Cheng C, DiRenzo J (2015). p53 and DeltaNp63alpha coregulate the transcriptional and cellular response to TGFbeta and BMP signals. Mol Cancer Res 13(4):732-742. PMCID: PMC4398640 Link
  11. Barr PJ, O'Malley AJ, Tsulukidze M, Gionfriddo MR, Montori V, Elwyn G (2015). The psychometric properties of Observer OPTION5, an observer measure of shared decision making. Patient Educ Couns 98(8):970-976. Link
  12. Barr PJ, Thompson R, Walsh T, Grande SW, Ozanne EM, Elwyn G (2015). Correction: The psychometric properties of CollaboRATE: a fast and frugal patient-reported measure of the shared decision-making process. J Med Internet Res 17(2):e32. PMCID: PMC4353887 Link
  13. Beaber EF, Kim JJ, Schapira MM, Tosteson AN, Zauber AG, Geiger AM, Kamineni A, Weaver DL, Tiro JA, Population-based Research Optimizing Screening through Personalized Regimens C (2015). Unifying screening processes within the PROSPR consortium: a conceptual model for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening. J Natl Cancer Inst 107(6):djv120. Link
  14. Bekelis K, Smith J, Zhou W, MacKenzie TA, Roberts DW, Skinner J, Morden NE (2015). Statins and subarachnoid hemorrhage in Medicare patients with unruptured cerebral aneurysms. Int J Stroke. [Epub ahead of print] Link
  15. Belmonte F, Das S, Sysa-Shah P, Sivakumaran V, Stanley B, Guo X, Paolocci N, Aon MA, Nagane M, Kuppusamy P, Steenbergen C, Gabrielson KL (2015, In press). ErbB2 over-expression up-regulates anti-oxidant enzymes, reduces basal levels of reactive oxygen species and protects against doxorubicin cardiotoxicity. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. [Epub ahead of print] PMCID: PMC Journal - In Process. Link
  16. Bezanilla M, Gladfelter AS, Kovar DR, Lee WL (2015). Cytoskeletal dynamics: A view from the membrane. J Cell Biology 209(3):329-337. PMCID: PMC4427793 Link