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Norris Cotton Cancer Center
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Transgenic Service Services

  • Transgenic mice: design
  • Genetic construct generation: via recombineering in E. coli or yeast
  • Generation of transgenic founders: injection of plasmids, BAC or lentivirus into oocytes and transplantion into foster mothers
  • Generation of germline chimeric mice: injection of ES cells into blastocysts and transplantion
  • ES cell culture: for gene targeting: provide a variety of ES cell lines, transfect with KO constructs, freeze and provide lysates for genotyping, expand targeted clones for mouse generation
  • Establish lines: from frozen embryos from other institutions or rederive a pathogen infected transgenic line by embryo transfer
  • Cryopreservation: of embryos and sperm to preserve & protect your valuable transgenic mouse lines
  • Technical Services: tailvein injections, blood drawing, assist in maintaining transgenic colonies (husbandry and genotyping), timed pregnancy
  • Mouse surgery: ovariectomies, vasectomies, other special surgeries, tumor removal, and tissue collection
  • Maintaining several transgenic mouse models: FLPe, Cre, VISTA, P53, and NSG
  • Tumor induction: using P53 kras or varient mice and Adeno-Cre lenti-virus, we can infect the lung, breast or ovary to create tumors  
  • Provide consultation on transgenic mice:
construct design and production, overall experimental