Next-Generation Immunotherapy at Dartmouth Cancer Center

For 50 years, Dartmouth Cancer Center has expanded the boundaries of cancer care and immunotherapy. Now, pushing into the future of cancer therapeutics, scientists are using advances in computational biology and genomic sequencing.

Immune system-based treatments are bringing astonishing hope to cancer patients worldwide and added days with their loved ones. This science is impacting the lives of many, but there are many more who need new options.

The world is at a pivotal moment in cancer research history and the promise is immense. Next-generation immunotherapy treatments that use the body’s own immune system to combat cancer are in development, poised to remedy many cancer types, and become broadly accessible to more patients.

We are seeing the remarkable outcomes here at Dartmouth Cancer Center. Watch the video above to meet patient families who inspire us, as well as the dedicated scientists and clinicians who are pioneering these innovations and moving them forward.

As part of an academic medical center, Dartmouth Cancer Center actively supports and engages the next generation of young investigators who will become leaders in cancer immunology research.

Building on our entrepreneurial roots, our cancer center is rallying the best of Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Health—scientists, physicians, nurses, engineers and students—to harness the power of the immune system and launch new immune-based treatments for those who need them most.