Our Patients. Their Stories.

Kim Levitch and his wife, Nancy.

Kim Levitch and the Supercharged, Cancer-Killing CAR T-Cells

Kim Levitch becomes the first patient at Norris Cotton Cancer Center to undergo the newest cancer immunotherapy, CAR T-cell therapy.

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Dia Draper portrait

Life in Cancer Survivorship: Dia Draper

Four years after completing treatment for colon cancer, Dia Draper reflects on life in survivorship and the complex emotions and changes in life perspective that come along with surviving a serious illness.

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Amy Lynch

Our Patients. Their Stories. Amy Visser-Lynch

Participating in clinical trials gives breast cancer patient Amy Visser-Lynch a new outlook on life.

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Kelly Laperle

Our Patients. Their Stories. Kelly Laperle, RN

Kelly Laperle, RN, a nurse in the Hematology-Oncology Suite, shares her story of the care she received as a patient at DHMC.

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Roberta L. Hines, MD

Roberta Hines, MD, Named to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Board of Trustees

Dr. Hines is the Nicholas M. Greene Professor of Anesthesiology at the Yale Medical School and Chief of Anesthesiology at Yale New Haven Hospital.

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Stig Hansen enjoying a trail walk in the sunshine

Strength through Brain Cancer: Stig Hansen

Almost four years after a brain cancer diagnosis, Stig Hansen is back doing what he loves most.

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Captain Chemo

The Picture Kept Will Remind Me: Kevin Laski

Music enthusiast, Kevin Laski tells his story through the creation of an illustrated comic-like rock and roll movie, representing his life, memories and recurring battle with multiple myeloma.

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Andy Gluss

Downhill Skier Fighting an Uphill Battle. Andy Gluss

From Andy Gluss’s perspective, weekly blood tests and regular transfusions for a blood disorder qualify him as a “frequent flyer” in Norris Cotton Cancer Center’s Hematology unit.

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Anne Holmes

Wearing a Special Badge of Honor: Anne Holmes

Anne Holmes was fortunate to find a genetic match in her sister, Katie, and undergo a successful stem cell transplant. Katie’s gift also came with a little something extra that these sisters now share.

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Gloria and Michael Lopez

For Better and For Worse. Michael & Gloria Lopez

Husband and wife, Michael and Gloria Lopez, share their story of nearly identical lung cancer diagnoses two years apart, and their love for the doctor who was there for them every step of the way.

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