Dartmouth Cancer Center is among the top 5% of cancer centers nation-wide

As one of the 71 National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers, Dartmouth and Dartmouth Cancer Center provides some of the most advanced cancer care in the country. With over 1,000 cancer centers to choose from nationally, our NCI designation means that we are among the top 5% of cancer centers nationally.  

Only 5% of Cancer Centers deliver care like we do.

What does that mean for a patient?

The doctors and researchers at Dartmouth Cancer Center are committed to bring the most advanced cancer treatments and the latest cancer research to the people of NH and VT. 

  • It means that Dartmouth Cancer Center surgeons have invented a 3D-printed device to use during breast cancer surgery. This device, used in conjunction with a different way of imaging the breast, has reduced the need for a second surgery to remove additional tumor by 50%. That device is now being tested at 6 other cancer centers to see if they can replicate the results. 
  • It means that Radiation Oncologists provide the most advanced radiation treatments. The new MRIdian linear accelerator has an MRI built in, allowing providers to see a tumor in real time and adjust the beam of radiation so that it is giving the optimal dose directly to the tumor. For tumors that are difficult to treat because of involuntary movement like in the stomach or the lungs, the machine will automatically stop treatment if the tumor moves too far, allowing your provider to reposition and resume treatment the same day.
  • It means that we have over 150 clinical trials and research projects for our patients. Some of trials are new drugs that have been approved to treat one kind of cancer and now are being tested to see if they will treat another kind. Some of them help patients get back to their usual routine after treatment, and others are based on helping patients make decisions about what type of treatment is right for them. 

We believe that our entire region should have access to the same quality of care as they do in a big city. That is why we are on the forefront of understanding how to deliver exceptional cancer care to our most rural locations throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.

We treat our patients with cancer like they are our friends and neighbors, because they are.