National Recognition

Norris Cotton Cancer Center is one of only 51 cancer centers in the country to have earned the National Cancer Institute's Comprehensive Cancer Center designation. What this designation means is that our Cancer Center does it all.

Cancer treatment

We treat all types of cancers using an interdisciplinary team-based approach. This means that multiple specially trained doctors, each with his or her own area of specialty, manage all aspects of care as part of a coordinated team.

Specialists trained in one area of cancer treatment may collaborate on a patient’s care. They keep current on the newest research and treatments and are experienced in diagnosing and treating even the most complex disease (for example, Comprehensive Breast Program).

Interdisciplinary tumor boards gather together physicians who are experts in different specialties (hematologist-oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, radiation oncologists, or pathologists) to review and discuss a patient’s medical condition to determine the best treatment plan (for example, Brain Treatment Program Tumor Board).

Cancer research

There are three main types of cancer research that scientists can do.

Our Cancer Center does all three types of cancer research:

  • Basic cancer research, which focuses on the molecular basis of cancer itself and also how bodies react to cancer and the growth of tumors (for example, Cancer Biology and Therapeutics).
  • Clinical cancer research, which directly involves people with cancer and focuses on finding better and better ways to treat cancer (for example, Clinical Trials).
  • Prevention and control research, which looks for ways to keep people from getting cancer and how to control cancer (for example, Cancer Population Science).

Our cancer care is based on and continually updated by the latest discoveries from our cancer research and the latest technologies, medicines, and methods available worldwide.

Our Cancer Center is a source of expert information about cancer and how to prevent, control, and treat it. We share this expertise through classes and seminars for doctors and nurses, adults and children, and researchers and scientists in our community and across the country and world.

Norris Cotton Cancer Center is discovering new worlds of cancer medicine, leading efforts to prevent and cure cancer in Northern New England, and contributing to solving the problems of cancer worldwide—while also providing the highest level of safe, innovative, compassionate care for people with cancer.