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The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) is the clinical research support unit of Dartmouth Cancer Center. The OCR staff provides administrative, financial, business and regulatory infrastructure for investigators and assists with the planning, conduct, and compliance of cancer clinical trials initiated by Dartmouth investigators, as well as industry-sponsored studies and cooperative group studies.

Dartmouth investigators can contact us for help initiating a clinical trial.

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The OCR team 

Our team includes a protocol writer, clinical coordinators, regulatory coordinators and research nurses, each with specific functions:

Protocol writer

  • Assists with writing and editing clinical trial grant applications, research posters and abstracts.

Clinical coordinators

  • Act as a liaison to study sponsors 
  • Assist in study activation 
  • Assist in determining participant eligibility 
  • Collect and report protocol-required data 
  • Coordinate collection, processing, and shipment of research specimens 
  • Monitor conduct of the protocol to ensure compliance 
  • Prepare and submit sponsor-, institutional-, and/or committee-required reports and logs 
  • Prepare disease assessment documentation 
  • Register and track all protocol participants 

Regulatory coordinators

  • Maintain study staff training records, qualifications, study delegations, and sponsor-required staff member documentation 
  • Prepare and maintain essential documentation required by Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 and International Council of Harmonization Guidance for Good Clinical Practice 
  • Prepare and submit study conduct documentation to sponsor and institutional review boards and committees 
  • Prepare and submit study documentation to required IRB(s) and committees for protocol activation and maintenance 
  • Serve as a liaison to the IRB(s) for the study team 

Research nurses

  • Administer protocol-required ancillary procedures, such as PRO questionnaires
  • Assist investigator and investigational pharmacy with study treatment requirements 
  • Conduct informed consent process with participants 
  • Coordinate care, ensuring patients receive protocol-required visits, tests, and procedures 
  • Provide clinical care (visits and triage) 
  • Review and document patient eligibility 
  • Serve as clinical liaison to assist with symptom management and clinical conduct of the study.

Expert Research Committees

The OCR also has access to several Expert Research Committees to provide guidance and support in all aspects of clinical trial protocol development, study activation, quality improvement and data monitoring.

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