Clinical Trials

The Office of Clinical Research is the clinical research support unit of the Dartmouth Cancer Center. We provide support for clinical trials initiated by Dartmouth investigators, as well as industry-sponsored studies and cooperative group studies. We also provide the administrative, financial, business, and regulatory infrastructure for investigators.

Find a Clinical Trial

Our mission is to assist with the planning, conduct, and compliance of clinical trials involving cancer treatment medications and devices, sponsored by private and public agencies.

Dartmouth investigators can contact us for help to initiate a clinical trial.

Services for investigators

Below is a list of some of the services we provide for research investigators:

  • Assistance with protocol development
  • Routing grant proposals through appropriate channels at Dartmouth College
  • Determination of staff and financial resources required for completion of clinical study
  • Creation of data collection forms and computerized database
  • Assistance with writing informed consent
  • Submissions for IRB review
  • Clinical Cancer Review Committee for peer review of scientific merit of studies
  • Review of patient eligibility requirements
  • Patient registration system for inhouse protocols
  • Data collection and entry
  • Assistance with adherence to clinical protocol requirements
  • Coordination of investigational drug shipments and drug logs
  • Submission of adverse event reports
  • Safety and Data Monitoring Committee for review of inhouse studies
  • Subject follow-up