Research Programs

Dartmouth Cancer Center is a world leader in cancer prevention and control research, seeking to identify nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle factors that may cause cancer. We help patients understand their cancer risk and work to prevent cancer-causing behaviors, such as tobacco use by children.

In concert with this research, our scientists are developing new drugs to stop cancers in the very earliest stages of growth. Our search for more effective ways to diagnose breast cancer includes devising new screening technologies. A growing area of research is directed at improving the quality of life for patients with cancer.

Our research programs include:

  • Cancer Signaling, Genomes, and Networks (Cancer SGN)
    This research program fosters the exchange of ideas, cooperation, interdisciplinary collaborations, and acceleration of progress along the translational continuum from basic mechanisms of cancer biology to target discovery, validation, and clinical application.
  • Cancer Population Science
    This research program brings together scientists whose research focuses on environmental and genetic cancer risk factor epidemiology, behavioral cancer risk reduction and health care delivery research.
  • Immunology & Cancer Immunotherapy
    This research program focuses on immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer and the development of new immunotherapeutic strategies.
  • Translational Engineering in Cancer
    This research program fosters a collaborative environment that promotes the incorporation of imaging, radiobiology, biophysics, and engineering approaches into the development and evaluation of new cancer diagnostic and treatment strategies.