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What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is scientific research in which human patients volunteer to participate. Clinical trials lead to new advancements in clinical care by studying new cancer detection techniques, treatment options and patient outcomes.

Cancer treatment options today are the best they’ve ever been. But none of these options would be possible without clinical trials.

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Dartmouth Cancer Center has a long history of advancing cancer research through clinical trials.

Hundreds of active clinical trials exist at several sites across the Dartmouth Health system. When you participate in a clinical trial, you can contribute to discovering cancer treatments, prevention and even cures. Clinical trial participants also get early access to the most promising new therapies before they are widely available. Participating in a clinical trial also allows you to have a more active role in your own healthcare.

We automatically screen every patient to make sure you find out about studies for which you are eligible. You will have the opportunity to learn more and choose to participate if you wish. We work with cancer researchers at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth to ensure that the most cutting-edge science is part of your care.

Consider joining a trial today—you could help change the future of medicine.

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