Cutaneous Lymphoma Diagnosis

Many people with cutaneous lymphoma (CL) struggle to receive an accurate diagnosis. You may have been searching for answers for years. Our team of cutaneous lymphoma experts works together to identify the type and stage of CL you are facing. With an accurate diagnosis, we can tailor your treatment to get the best outcomes.

History and physical exam

We perform a full skin exam and review your medical history and outside records, including:

  • A lung, heart, abdomen and lymph node exam, if necessary
  • A review of:
    • Prior blood tests
    • Radiologic studies and skin biopsies


If we suspect a cutaneous lymphoma, we may remove a small skin sample (biopsy) from the affected area for analysis. Cutaneous lymphomas may need many biopsies over time for a definitive diagnosis.

Blood tests and imaging

We may order more blood work or radiologic imaging to rule out systemic involvement.

We create a personalized treatment plan based on your history, physical exam, and lab results. Your treatment addresses your unique situation. In developing a plan for you, we consider the type of cutaneous lymphoma, its severity, and your overall health.

The experts on our team

Your integrated care team consists of providers from several specialties. 

  • Dermatologists: Diagnose and treat skin disorders
  • Hematologists: Diagnose and treat blood disorders
  • Medical oncologists: Diagnose and treat cancer
  • Pathologists
    • Dermatopathologists: Diagnose diseases of the skin
    • Hematopathologists: Diagnose diseases of the blood
  • Radiation oncologists: Trained to use radiation to treat cancer