NRG-BR007: A Phase III Clinical Trial Evaluating DE-escalation of Breast RAdiation (DEBRA) for Conservative Treatment of Stage I, Hormone Sensitive, HER2-Negative, Oncotype Recurrence Score [less than or equal to] 18 Breast Cancer

Principal Investigator

Lesley Jarvis

Study Number



This study is for patients with low-risk, hormone receptor-positive, early stage breast cancer. The usual treatment is lumpectomy followed by radiation and hormonal therapy. People who take part in this study will be assigned randomly to one of two study groups. The first study group will receive the usual treatment. The second group will receive only hormonal therapy after the lumpectomy. Researchers hope to learn if treatment with only hormonal therapy after surgery is as good as the usual treatment for this type of breast cancer.




Micaela Dowe

Available at the following location(s)

  • Lebanon
  • St. Johnsbury, VT

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