Cancer Screening and Early Detection in Low-Income Countries

Men in truck from Ocotal
The men pictured above were arriving for a men-only multi-organ cancer screening day for prostate, testicular, skin, oral, and colon cancer. They also received a referral to La Liga Contra Cancer for a clinical follow-up if appropriate.

With cancer screening, early detection, and lifestyle choices, it is generally agreed that 40-50% of cancers can be prevented. For millions of people living in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), access to screening and early detection and information about lifestyle choices simply is not available. And, in LMICs cancer is on the rise meaning even more stress on fragile and inadequate health systems ill-equipped to treat cancer on a large scale. Prevention, early detection and lifestyle choices are essential tools to reduce the LMIC cancer burden.

Since 2013, in partnership with La Liga Contra Cancer in Honduras, Dartmouth Cancer Center has been evolving and testing brigade-style integrated multi-organ screening.

Here's the concept:

  • Plan to address targeted disease sites identified by regional oncologists.
  • Work with local leaders to invite hundreds of residents to a large-scale cancer screening event.
  • Organize the event to using branching logic to triage the attendees and identify those most at risk for cancer.
  • Develop tight connections between the local leaders and a partnering cancer center to facilitate referrals for clinical follow-up of individuals at high risk.

In 2018, Dartmouth Cancer Center named Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD a Quinn Innovation Scholar to accelerate further development of integrated multi-organ cancer screening.

Women with Jornada poster
Linda Kennedy, the Cancer Center’s Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives & Global Oncology is pictured here with leaders of a local rural Honduran Health and Development Committee holding a translation of the scientific poster about the cancer screening study they hosted in their community; the English title is Cancer screening in rural Honduras: maximizing impact with a multi-organ screening approach and citation in Related Publications.

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