Shared Resource Citation

All publications, posters and other presentations of data generated by, or with the assistance of the Shared Resources must cite the Cancer Center Support Grant, P30CA023108, as well as the RRIDs and additional funding sources for the individual facilities as provided below.

Biostatistics & Biomedical Informatics (Tor Tosteson, ScD, Director)

BBI faculty are intellectual contributors to projects and should be included as authors on manuscripts, posters, and other presentations as appropriate.

  • RRID: SCR_023683

Clinical Pharmacology (Lionel Lewis, MB, BCh, MD, Director)

  • RRID: SCR_000873

Genomics and Molecular Biology (Fred Kolling, PhD, Director)

All genomics projects should cite:

  • NIH S10 Shared Instrumentation Grant: S10OD030242
  • RRID: SCR_021293

Additionally, single cell and spatial genomics projects should cite:

  • Center for Quantitative Biology NIGMS COBRE: P20GM130454
  • NIH S10 Shared Instrumentation Grant: S10OD025235

Immune Monitoring and Flow Cytometry (Dan Mielcarz, PhD, Director)

  • RRID: SCR_019165

Irradiation, Imaging, Microscopy, and Animal Cancer Models (Radu V. Stan, MD, PhD, Director)

  • RRID: SCR_025077

Pathology Shared Resource (Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD, HCLD, Director)

  • RRID: SCR_023479

Trace Elements (Brian Jackson, PhD, Director)

  • RRID: SCR_009777

The Dartmouth Biomedical National Elemental Imaging Resource (BNEIR), part of the TEA, is further supported by:

  • Biomedical National Elemental Imaging Resource (part of TEA) NIGMS: R24GM141194
  • NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant: S10OD032352