Video: Clinical trials perspectives

Doctors, scientists and patients directly involved in clinical trials share what this important phase of research means for cancer care today and in the future.

It’s most important to have the right clinical trials available for patients so we have not just high-quality standard treatments available but also cutting-edge next-generation treatments available as well.

Gregory A. Russo, MD

Cancer treatment options today are the best they’ve ever been. But none of these options would be possible without clinical trials.

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is scientific research in which human patients volunteer to participate. Dartmouth Cancer Center has a long history of advancing cancer research through clinical trials. As one of 53 National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the United States, and one of three in New England, providers and researchers work together to bring new innovations to the clinic. 

In this video, a few of many share why clinical research is so critical to cancer care.

Why join a clinical trial?

Participation leads to improved cancer treatment and even cures. Clinical trial participants also get early access to the most promising new therapies before they are widely available. Participating in a clinical trial also allows you to have a more active role in your own healthcare.

To find clinical trials at Dartmouth Cancer Center that are open and enrolling people, please visit Find a Clinical Trial and talk with your provider to discuss your options.