Learn About Our Research

Research is central to what we do at Dartmouth Cancer Center. Our commitment is to find new ways to prevent, detect, treat, and cure cancer through our research.

We have many research studies for patients and community members to join. New studies are being added all the time.

In this section, we highlight findings from some of our studies. We provide content and videos that our research teams made in partnership with community members. Select any of the titles below to learn more.

Doctor touching an image of a colon symbol on a virtual screen

AI technology goes deeper for a clearer view

Research by Saeed Hassanpour, PhD and Arief Suriawinata, MD to use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to classify different types of colon polyps removed during colonoscopies.

Breast Cancer Locator

Avoiding repeat lumpectomies with personalized precision breast cancer surgery

A study by Keith Paulsen, PhD, and Richard Barth, Jr. to test the Breast Cancer Locatorâ„¢, a 3D-printed form for patients needing breast lumpectomy surgery.

Vitiligo affected parts on a female hand

Can vitiligo help prevent melanoma from coming back?

Research by Mary Jo Turk, PhD and Keisuke Shirai, MD, looking at ways to promote long-term immunity in melanoma survivors.

Using Estrogen to Treat Breast Cancer

Using estrogen to treat breast cancer

A study led by Todd Miller, PhD, and Gary Schwartz, MD, looking at approaches to using estrogen therapy to treat metastatic breast cancer.

To learn more about cancer research studies, including clinical trials, please refer to the Clinical Trials for Patients section.