Infusion Services and Clinics

The Hematology/Oncology section provides infusion services and interdisciplinary clinics.

Infusion services

The infusion suite at Dartmouth Cancer Center is special in many ways. It was designed by patients in collaboration with the building architect and local artists to create a patient-friendly atmosphere with natural lighting, stained glass windows, and artwork. Amenities available in the suite include a personal television with headphones, snacks, beverages, an abundance of reading material, games, and puzzles.

Infusion services are for patients who need fluids, including chemotherapy and blood and blood products, administered into their bloodstream. The nursing staff works in collaboration with each patient's provider to ensure the patient's needs are met. The nursing staff provides detailed instructions-written and verbal-to patients and their families so they can manage at home after leaving the infusion suite.

For more information about the types of infusion services available, please refer to the following resources:

Interdisciplinary clinics

Depending on your type of cancer, you may be referred to one of our interdisciplinary clinics. In an interdisciplinary clinic, experts in diagnosing and treating specific types of cancers come together with specially trained nurses, care managers, dietitians, and scheduling coordinators to provide personalized, complete cancer care, all through one point of contact, at one location.

At times, individual visits with several providers may be coordinated on a single day, eliminating needlessly long delays between appointments. This also allows you to meet with many specialists, and together design the best possible treatment plan. Once a plan is developed, you often can receive part of your treatment close to home with one of our regional partners.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you:

  • See the right medical staff in the right order
  • Get the necessary tests with timely and accurate results
  • Understand the diagnosis and the best treatment options
  • Have complete support throughout the process