Surviving cancer

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Cancer changes lives. We can work together from the day you are diagnosed to enhance the quality and length of your survival. We can also prevent, minimize or manage the downsides of your cancer and the treatment process.

Dartmouth Cancer Center offers the following services and resources to help you as you continue on your survivorship journey:

Complementary care

We host a wide variety of free online and in-person programs to promote your well-being. Our offerings include massage, music, and support groups. Learn more about complementary care.


Physical activity has a wide range of benefits for people with cancer. Exercise can even prevent recurrence and protect against some forms of cancer. Get started with our list of local and regional resources for exercise.

Financial services

Navigating the costs of cancer care can be difficult and time-consuming. Our Billing and Financial Assistance Offices can help.


Cognition refers to the higher functions of the brain. These functions include memory, concentration, word-finding, executive and other abilities. Specialists in the Neurocognition Program help you overcome difficulties in cognitive function that may result from cancer treatment. We design a personalized therapy plan for your needs that includes:

  • Cognitive screenings
  • Pre- and post-treatment evaluations
  • Work or disability-related assessments

Talk with your provider to connect with a neurocognition team member.

Oncology nutrition

Side effects and symptoms of cancer can make eating more complicated. We offer nutrition support for people in active cancer treatment and beyond.

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Palliative care

We see you as a whole person—your physical comfort, confidence, emotional well-being, spirituality, and dignity. Our palliative care providers work with you, your loved ones, and your clinicians. Their goal is to reduce suffering and promote quality of life throughout treatment and the rest of your cancer journey.

Psychosocial oncology

Ignoring your emotional well-being can make coping with cancer treatment more difficult. Our skilled team of mental health professionals can help you and your family address the emotional stress of cancer and its many related experiences. We offer treatments and medications to help improve your quality of life.

Talk with your provider to connect with a psychosocial oncology team member.


We automatically screen every patient to make sure you find out about clinical trials for which you are eligible. By participating in this type of research, you can contribute to discovering cancer treatments, prevention and even cures. Clinical trial participants also get early access to the most promising new therapies before they are widely available.

Spiritual health

Our spiritual health team offers personal support, crisis intervention, spiritual care and guidance. They can also help with short-term counseling and connections with local religious communities.

Thriving Thursdays program

The Thriving Thursdays program offers a variety of programs related to the challenges and opportunities of cancer survivorship.

Tobacco cessation

Quitting tobacco is the single most important thing you can do for your health. Our tobacco treatment program can help.