Allowable and Unallowable Expenses

Up to $30,000 may be requested to pay for necessary supplies, reagents, animals, etc. for the American Cancer Society (ACS) Institutional Research Grant.

Major salary support for technicians is not allowed. No part of the principal investigator's salary will be provided. The award may not be used to augment programs already funded within a laboratory or group.

Specific allowables and unallowables expenses are as follows.

Allowable expenses

ACS institutional research grants do provide funds for items such as:

  • Research supplies and animal maintenance
  • Technical assistance
  • Domestic travel when necessary to carry out the proposed research program
  • Publication costs, including reprints
  • Costs of computer time
  • Special fees (pathology, photography, etc.)
  • Stipends for graduate students and postdoctoral assistants if their role is to promote and sustain the project presented by the junior faculty member
  • Equipment costing less than $2,000
    (Note: Special justification is necessary for items exceeding this amount)
  • Registration fees at scientific meetings

Unallowable expenses

ACS institutional research grants do not provide funds for items such as:

  • Secretarial/administrative salaries
  • Tuition
    (Note: This is an allowable expense for the principal investigator of a Mentored Research Scholar Grant)
  • Foreign travel
    (Note: Special consideration is given for attendance at scientific meetings held in Canada)
  • Books and periodicals
  • Membership dues
  • Office and laboratory furniture
  • Office equipment and supplies
  • Rental of office or laboratory space
  • Recruiting and relocation expenses
  • Non-medical services to patients
  • Per-diem charges for hospital beds
  • Construction, renovation, or maintenance of buildings/laboratories
  • Salary of principal investigator (IRG Chairman or pilot project grant recipient)
  • Honoraria and travel expenses for visiting lecturers