Philanthropic Strategic Vision

Making a difference in our communities

The Byrne Family Cancer Research Institute lead gift aims to inspire support from community members, Dartmouth alumni and parents, and national philanthropists to invest in the latest innovations in cancer research.

Join us in transforming the future of cancer care

Two-phase investment plan

The strategic vision imagines a two-phase investment plan to realize its full impact within this decade.

Phase 1 (2022 to 2023)

Phase 1 puts investment dollars immediately to good use through:

  • Recruitment and retention of distinguished faculty: Attracting talented scientists and physician-researchers who are innovating to improve cancer prevention and care and who welcome the uniquely entrepreneurial and collaborative environment of Dartmouth and Dartmouth Health.
  • Tools and technology: Supporting new state-of-the-art equipment with a focus on tumor whole-genome sequencing and bioinformatics.
  • Clinical trials infrastructure: Bringing the latest treatment options to the rural corners of our region where access to clinical trials is often limited.
  • Seed grants: For investigators to test bold new ideas and to level up promising innovations.

Phase 2 (2023 to 2027)

Phase 2 aims to build out three high-potential programs:

  1. Next-generation immunotherapies: Dartmouth Cancer Center scientists will create immunotherapies that are easy to tolerate, low risk, able to successfully treat—or even cure—many cancer types, and make them broadly accessible to more patients.
    Researchers and clinicians demonstrate how they're improving outcomes and providing hope to patients and their families through cancer immunotherapy discoveries at Dartmouth.
  2. Cancer Innovations Accelerator: A partnership between the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship, Geisel, and the Cancer Center, the Innovations Accelerator helps bring the most promising cancer research through commercialization to reach the market and change the lives of patients while also providing Dartmouth students and trainees with learning opportunities in biomedical entrepreneurship.
    Researchers share how the new Dartmouth Innovations Accelerator for Cancer is helping them advance discoveries and, ultimately, improve cancer care for patients and families.
  3. The Precision Prevention Initiative: Researchers will uncover how daily exposures interact with each person's genetics and biology, ultimately providing a highly personalized understanding of health outcomes and cancer risk.
    Researchers and clinicians share what happens when precision medicine meets cancer prevention at Dartmouth Cancer Center.