Office of Community Outreach and Engagement Core Team

Jenna Schiffelbein, MPH, CHES
Director, Office of Community Outreach and Engagement

Ms. Schiffelbein has led the day-to-day operations of NCCC's community-focused work since 2016. Ms. Schiffelbein develops opportunities for engaging with community organizations and community members in our research and outreach work. For example, Ms. Schiffelbein leads our Community Advisory Board, as well as our Community Research Ambassadors Together Ending Cancer (CREATE) program. Ms. Schiffelbein also leads the planning and implementation of projects to address the cancer burden in our catchment area, such as projects to promote cancer screenings.

Katie Lenhoff, MPH
Program Specialist

Ms. Lenhoff works closely with internal and external stakeholders as she leads several projects to improve the health of our community, including projects focused on tobacco and cancer screening.

Regina-Anne Cooper, MPH, LSSCGB
Program Specialist

As Program Specialist, Ms. Cooper leads several projects for the COE team, including projects related to HPV vaccination, clinical trials, and CREATE.

Laura Harrington, BA
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Harrington provides administrative support for the COE team and helps build strategic relationships in the community, as well as planning community outreach and engagement events.

Office of Community Outreach and Engagement Support team

Jenn Alford-Teaster, MA, MPH
Senior Research Scientist

Ms. Alford-Teaster's research focuses on methods to measure disparities related to geographic access to health care services, with a particular focus on rural cancer care. She leads the expansion of the COE Cancer Data Portal, which maps data for our catchment area.

Heather Carlos, MS
Geospatial & Catchment Area Data Specialist

Ms. Carlos's role utilizes resources at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health system, state tumor registries, and Census data to conduct geographic analyses that represent the Norris Cotton Cancer Center catchment area. These analyses help in identifying geographic areas that are experiencing cancer disparities.

Martha Goodrich, MS
Director - Dartmouth Hitchcock Tumor Registry

Ms. Goodrich oversees the management of academic research studies with a focus on population-based health studies, and a deep understanding of the design, development, and oversight of large multi-center studies and collaborations. Ms. Goodrich brings important insights from her role as Director of the DH-H tumor registry, including an understanding of the flow of data from DH-H facilities that serve the catchment population.

Julie Weiss, MS
Statistical Analyst

Ms. Weiss analyzes data for the COE team, including data to describe the cancer burden in our catchment area.

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board provides guidance for the COE team from a clinical and research perspective. The board meets regularly to discuss how scientific research and community needs can be brought together in a meaningful way. Our scientific advisors include:

Yolanda Sanchez, PhD
Associate Director for Basic Sciences

Konstantin Dragnev, MD
Associate Director for Clinical Research

Anna Tosteson, ScD
Associate Director for Population Sciences