Data Sources and Research About Our Catchment Area

We are committed to advancing research that responds to New Hampshire and Vermont's cancer needs and health.

Our team has developed a web-based tool called the Dartmouth Cancer Center Catchment Query Portal. It presents maps and data to support our researchers in understanding cancer issues in our catchment area. It also provides curated data sources, presentations, and research about our catchment area.

If researchers need more data or maps, please contact our Catchment Area Data Specialist at

Dartmouth Cancer Center Catchment Query Portal

The Dartmouth Cancer Center Catchment Query Portal is a dynamic geoanalytic system accessible to anyone with a Dartmouth NetID. It provides catchment area data and maps, including:

  • Population-level demographics
  • Dartmouth Health Tumor Registry data by cancer type and stage
  • Population-level cancer risk factors and screening rates
  • Population-level cancer incidence and mortality data
  • Travel times to access care at Dartmouth Cancer Center locations
Catchment Query Portal screenshot
Screenshot of the Dartmouth Cancer Center Catchment Query Portal.

Questions or suggestions about the portal can be directed to

Additional data sources about our catchment area

We have also prepared a list of select national and local sources of data about our catchment area for those wanting additional details.

Presentations about our catchment area

The COE team, along with community partners and colleagues across the cancer center, have coordinated several presentations about cancer in our catchment area. Video recordings can be found here:

Dartmouth publications about our catchment area

We have selected several papers and reports about cancer and cancer risk factors in our catchment area, including some related to our four priority cancers:

  • Breast cancer
  • Colorectal cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Melanoma cancer

These may be of particular interest to researchers who are preparing grant applications, presentations, and publications and would like to understand what is already known about our area.

If there are other publications you think should be featured here, please email

Bladder cancer

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Breast cancer

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Cancer epidemiology

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Colorectal cancer

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Kidney cancer

  1. Cancer Incidence Report Merrimack, NH January 2023 A Summary of Data Analysis and Decision-Making (PDF). New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health Services.

Lung cancer

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Promise partnership

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Prostate cancer

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