Our Patients. Their Stories.

Kathleen "Kat" Barrell with her husband, Chris.

Our Patients. Their Stories. Kat Barrell

Part of the team that produces the Our Patients. Their Stories, Kat Barrell never imagined that someday she would share her own story as an ovarian cancer patient.

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Dr. Kapadia with Dick Poulin and his dog

Mustering Both Science and Human Nature to Face Prostate Cancer

Microbiologist and engineer Dick Poulin relied on science probabilities to make decisions about how to face prostate cancer, and the nature of human touch and kindness to help him through it.

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Gerrie Scott

Our Patients. Their Stories. Gerrie Scott

In 2011, a persistent sore throat was the beginning of journey that led Gerrie Scott to Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center and a difficult diagnosis of carcinoma of the tongue.

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Kerry Clifford

Our Patients. Their Stories. Kerry Clifford

Kerry Clifford's first interaction with Dartmouth-Hitchcock set the positive tone for every interaction she's had during her cancer treatment.

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Alejandra Casco

Our Patients. Their Stories. Alejandra Casco

Alejandra Casco, 36, recalls the moment she was diagnosed with melanoma in 2010.

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Debra Beaupre

Our Patients. Their Stories. Debra Beaupre

In February 2013, Debra Beaupre was waiting to hear back from Harvard about graduate school. She never expected that she would begin an entirely different journey - treatment for breast cancer.

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Jim Bonney

Our Patients. Their Stories. Jim Bonney

For the last 45 years, Jim Bonney, 69, has been living with cancer.

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Merle Schotanus

Our Patients. Their Stories. Merle Schotanus

After losing 20 percent of his lung capacity following surgery for cancer, Merle Schotanus was determined to ride in the Prouty.

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Jack Deliso playing football with his dad.

Our Patients: Jack Deliso

Nine-year-old Jack Deliso is back playing football after having a mass at the base of his spine removed.

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John Ogden

Our Patients. Their Stories. John Ogden

When John Ogden was diagnosed and treated for rectal cancer, the typically active and athletic 46-year-old had been dealing with bouts of exhaustion.

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