Research and Innovation

Participants in the Prouty fundraiser for Dartmouth Cancer Center

Where do Prouty donations go? 2023 Part 1

New cancer research "Pilot Projects" are off the ground thanks to Prouty fundraising.

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immune cells shape our body's true age

How immune cells shape our body's true age

New research reveals the secret to slowing down the aging process is intricately tied to a balance in your immune system.

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Mary Chamberlin cancer research highlight

Clinical trial trend shows better adherence to breast cancer medication

Data from the first year of a large clinical trial shows fewer side effects and better adherence to breast cancer medication when started before surgery.

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Kari Rosenkranz, MD

Breast cancer research at Dartmouth Cancer Center

October is breast cancer awareness month. Here are just a few of the many breast cancer research projects happening at Dartmouth Cancer Center today.

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Cancer Innovation forum

Funding the gas pedal of innovation

The Dartmouth Innovations Accelerator for Cancer drives advancements in cancer therapy.

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Todd W. Miller, PhD

New treatment possibility for ER+ breast cancer is headed toward clinical trials

A new study finds that combining estrogen and PARP inhibitors shows promise in treating ER+ breast cancer.

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Lesley A. Jarvis, MD, PhD and David J. Gladstone, ScD

FLASH meets Mobetron® in advancing radiation therapy cancer research

Radiation oncology boosts FLASH research studies to the next level.

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Saeed Hassanpour, PhD

Introducing the Center for Precision Health and Artificial Intelligence

AI can help deliver rapid and innovative solutions to real-world clinical challenges.

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Konstantin Dragnev, MD and Joanne Conroy, MD

Clinical trials: How progress in medicine is made

In this video highlight, Konstantin Dragnev, MD, connects with Joanne Conroy, MD, to answer: what are clinical trials?

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Clinical researchers

Video: Clinical trials perspectives

Patients, physicians, and scientists share their thoughts about clinical trials at Dartmouth Cancer Center.

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