Patient Care

Margaret Stevens

Soothing sounds amplified

Harp music provides patients, care partners and staff with a melodious respite from cancer and stress.

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Lung cancer screening

Lung cancer screening can save lives

This video is a look into the lung cancer screening approach at Dartmouth Cancer Center.

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Healthy lifestyle

Simple lifestyle changes that may help prevent cancer

In this video, Dartmouth Cancer Center experts share strategies to prevent cancer and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Cancer survivors

Coping through the emotional impact of cancer treatment and beyond

Clinical health psychologist, Sivan Rotenberg, PhD, presents ways to cope with the ups and downs of cancer treatment and into survivorship.

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Complementary Care program

Dartmouth Cancer Center announces Complementary Care Program

Dartmouth Cancer Center’s Patient and Family Support Services is now the Complementary Care Program, providing services free of charge to current and former patients and their care partners.

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Why choose NCCC?

Deciding on a Care Provider

Norris Cotton Cancer Center offers a range of specialists and supportive services.

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Garrett T. Wasp, MD and Amelia M. Cullinan, MD

Approaching Serious Illness Conversations

Research-backed tools, data and teamwork optimize a difficult yet important task for any care provider: having serious illness conversations with patients and their families.

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Care partners

ConnectShareCare: Online Peer Support for Care Partners of Those with Serious Illness

ConnectShareCare offers an online support network co-designed by both professionals and those with personal experience in caring for someone with serious illness.

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Audrey Calderwood, MD

The Impact of COVID-19 on Colorectal Cancer Screening

Researchers take a close look at the impact of the pandemic on endoscopy volumes and what that could mean for colorectal cancer diagnoses.

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Sandra Wong, MD

Reaching into Rural: Reducing Cancer Care Disparities in Northern New England

NCCC is dedicated to extending world-class cancer care and access to clinical trials to our neighbors in the farthest corners of the region. But this mission is not without challenges that need innovative thinking and collaboration to overcome.

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