Research and Innovation

Graduate student, Fred Varn and Chao Cheng

Where do Prouty Donations Go? Fall, 2017

The five newest Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center pilot research projects are underway, funded by money raised at the 35th annual Prouty.

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Mary Jo Turk, PhD, Nancy Calder, and Christina Angeles, MD

NCCC Melanoma Research Goes Skin-Deep in a New Clinical Trial

Still enjoying life eight years after being given a six percent chance of surviving metastatic melanoma, Nancy Calder joins a new NCCC clinical trial to contribute to finding a cure.

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Researchers performing genetic sequencing

Precision Medicine in Cancer

In cancer care, precision medicine is used to describe how genetic information about a patient’s tumor can be used to more accurately diagnose and tailor effective individual treatment strategies.

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Long exposure image

A Scientific First

A scientific breakthrough may give the field of radiation oncology new tools to increase the precision and safety of radiation treatment in cancer patients.

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