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Diagram of mechanism

New Mechanism May Safely Prevent and Reverse Obesity

Researchers at Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center observed that blocking a cellular receptor not only prevented but reversed obesity, with no ill side effects, in mice.

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Image of Eye

Scientists Capture for First Time, Light Flashes from Human Eye During Radiotherapy

What are the flashes of light patients report seeing during brain radiotherapy? Dartmouth scientists capture this phenomenon for the first time and provide an explanation.

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Research fellows

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health to Fund $1M Annually for Dedicated Cancer Clinician Research Time

A new program will create dedicated time to assist Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health clinicians in researching causes of and cures for cancer.

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Researchers meeting

Modernizing Cancer Care with Machine Learning

Dartmouth researchers are leading the way on cutting-edge computer technologies that could provide clinicians with great new tools for cancer screening, diagnosis, prognosis and more.

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Breast imagery

New Machine Learning Method Could Spare Some Women from Unnecessary Breast Surgery

A new machine learning method can predict the likelihood that a high-risk type of breast lesion is cancerous, potentially saving some women from unnecessary breast surgeries and overtreatment.

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Arminja Kettenbach

Where Do Prouty Donations Go? Fall 2018

Norris Cotton Cancer Center researchers begin five new pilot research projects funded by money raised at the 37th annual Prouty.

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The Quinn family with NCCC director Steven Leach, MD

Spurring Innovation in Cancer Research

A gift from the Quinn family launches a new program at Norris Cotton Cancer Center that supports investigators working to transition promising drugs and devices from the laboratory to clinical use.

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Images of isolated pancreatic cells.

Combating Direct Tumor Cell Communication in Pancreatic Cancer

A new Norris Cotton Cancer Center study looks at disrupting communication networks between pancreatic cancer cells as a promising new approach to treatment.

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Research scientists Ryan Halter, PhD, and Joseph Paydarfar, MD

Where Do Prouty Donations Go? Spring 2018

Thanks to community-raised Prouty Pilot funding, Norris Cotton Cancer Center researchers and their Dartmouth collaborators are underway with novel cancer research.

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Gregory Tsongalis, PhD, left, and Kerrington Smith, MD, right, two of NCCC’s leading pancreatic cancer research experts.

What's Happening with Pancreatic Cancer Research at NCCC?

NCCC’s leading pancreatic cancer research experts highlight groundbreaking research projects and clinical trials underway for this challenging cancer, and offer thoughts on what the future holds.

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