Research and Innovation

Cancer researchers

Sparking scientific collaboration against cancer

In this video, look inside The Byrne Family Cancer Research Institute at Dartmouth Cancer Center.

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Judy Doherty

A new hub for cancer research

How science from a new institute at Dartmouth Cancer Center is already benefitting patients.

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Sara McHugh family

Advancing immunotherapy for melanoma

In this video, learn how cancer immunotherapy research at Dartmouth Cancer Center is changing the lives of patients with melanoma.

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Gary Schwartz

Using estrogen to treat breast cancer

In this video, Gary N. Schwartz, MD, and Todd Miller, PhD explain one of several breast cancer clinical trials they are leading.

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 Arief A. Suriawinata, MD, and Saeed Hassanpour, PhD.

Helping to prevent colorectal cancer with machine learning

Dartmouth Cancer Center research introduces new technology that helps pathologists more accurately classify polyps.

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Cancer Faculty Fellows

Dartmouth Cancer Center expands program that provides protected research time for clinician-scientists

Dartmouth Health has renewed its successful Cancer Faculty Fellows program. More than $1M annually to be distributed to selected oncology clinicians will allow them up to 2 days a week for dedicated cancer research.

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Canine veterinary patient

Treating Deadly Breast Cancer with a Plant Virus-based Immunotherapy

Newly patented plant virus-based immunotherapy could bring new options for inflammatory breast cancer patients.

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Lesley Jarvis, MD, PhD and Brian Pogue, PhD

Landmark Advancements in Radiation Oncology Technology

Researchers and clinicians synergize basic research with commercial entrepreneurship to open new doors in the field of radiation oncology.

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Precision cancer prevention people collage

Precision Cancer Prevention at Dartmouth Cancer Center

Hear from an expert medical panel about groundbreaking developments happening around precision prevention and cancer care at Dartmouth Cancer Center.

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Dartmouth Cancer Center immunotherapy lab

Next-Generation Immunotherapy at Dartmouth Cancer Center

For 50 years, doctors and scientists at Dartmouth Cancer Center have been expanding the boundaries of cancer care, including breakthroughs in immunotherapy, that use the body’s own immune system to combat cancer.

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