Support Groups / Education

We treat brain cancer in a patient-centered environment that respects and appreciates you and your family. We offer a wide array of education, support, and expressive arts programs to help soothe anxiety and manage pain while improving coping skills.

A lady plays the harp as a patient listens.
You and your family can take advantage of free classes as part of our Patient and Family Support Services.

Our team includes a dedicated social worker. We offer a range of services, such as nutrition and palliative care, to enhance comfort and quality of life from the moment of diagnosis through all phases of treatment.

  • Support groups and services
  • Patient resource binders with brain tumor information
  • Annual meeting for patients and caregivers
  • Annual educational symposium for community practitioners about caring for brain tumor patients

Learn more about our patient and family support services.

Other Resources

  • Brain Tumors (National Cancer Institute)
    Resources to support brain tumor patients of all ages and their families, as well as information on clinical trials and other research.