Shared Decision-Making


The stakes may be high when you are facing treatment for a brain tumor. The risks associated with treatment can be serious, such as changes in mental functioning, fertility, or balance. Through shared decision making, we help you and your family explore treatment options for brain cancer.

Shared decision making is a process that occurs over a series of counseling sessions at the clinic. You may be given materials to take home to review and discuss. Though the process can vary depending on each case, patients and families often take the following steps to make a decision:

  • Evaluate the benefits and risks of each treatment option.
  • Clarify personal values as they relate to the risks and benefits.
  • Check the certainty of a decision.
  • Determine if you have enough information and support to make a decision.
  • Make a decision.
  • Check the certainty of your decision.

This process helps to make sure you are confident and comfortable with your decision.