Pediatric Clinical Trials

We have many active trials that are enrolling patients across the system.

A clinical trial/study is research in which people can participate and is one of the final steps in the process to look for better ways to prevent, diagnose, or treat your condition. The purpose of a clinical trial/study is to research the effectiveness of a treatment, medication, experimental drug, or device. Many of the "standard treatments" that patients receive today were developed based on the results of previous clinical trials.

View a list of our pediatric clinical trials.

Children's Oncology Group

The Pediatric Cancer Program participates in the Children's Oncology Group, which is supported by the National Cancer Institute. The Children's Oncology Group is the largest pediatric cooperative clinical trials group, with over 240 participating hospitals worldwide.

The primary objective of the Children's Oncology Group is to conduct clinical trials and ensure that children have access to high-quality medical care. Their mission is to cure and prevent childhood and adolescent cancer through scientific discovery and compassionate care.

Currently, more than 75% of children with cancer are cured. Organized clinical trials have played a large role in the success of pediatric cancer treatment.

Pediatric cancer research team

  • Sara Chaffee, MD - Principal Investigator, Treating Physician
  • Julie Kim MD, PhD - Treating Physician
  • Jack van Hoff, MD - Treating Physician
  • Kimberly C. Sleeper, RN, BSN, CPON - Research Nurse
  • Jo A. Strohbehn, BA, CCRP - Program Coordinator
  • Honora Thebedo - Regulatory Specialist