Radiation Oncology Team

Our radiation oncologists have diverse training backgrounds and come from all specialties in radiation oncology.

Our support staff within the Radiation Oncology clinic and the hospital provides an array of specialized resources. We are here to support you through your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery after treatment. We strive to help turn a frightening situation into an uplifting therapeutic experience.

We coordinate your care through our centrally located hub in Lebanon, New Hampshire, as well as through our regional locations in Keene, New Hampshire and St. Johnsbury, Vermont. We also provide care at Dartmouth Health member hospitals throughout New Hampshire and Vermont. Our locations allow you to receive the best possible care in the most convenient location, close to your home.

Program leadership

Radiation Oncology providers

If you are looking for other providers or providers in a particular location, please use Find a Provider on the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Clinics website for a more detailed search.

A radiation nurse speaks with a patientin an exam room.
A radiation nurse speaks with a patient in an exam room before treatment.

Who else is on my treatment team?

A team of medical professionals cares for you during your therapy. In addition to your radiation oncologist you may see: 

  • Registered nurses or LPNs, who give you instructions related to your care during radiation therapy. They meet with you frequently to discuss any problems, questions, or concerns you may have about your treatment. 
  • Radiation nurses, who help to: 
    • Answer questions about your treatment
    • Coordinate your care
    • Manage side effects
  • Radiation therapists, radiologic technologists trained in a certified school of radiologic technology. Their role is to:
    • Assist your physician and nurse to ensure the accurate delivery of the radiation treatment 
    • Coordinate your appointments for treatment
    • Position you for daily treatments
  • Social workers, who help with your:
    • Treatment-related concerns such as transportation, lodging, or finances
    • Social, emotional, or psychological concerns
Bassem Zaki, MD  works with a dosimetrist and radiation therapist to help plan their treatment.
Bassem Zaki, MD (center) works with a radiation therapist (left) and a dosimetrist (right) in the treatment console room planning a patient's treatment.

Other staff work behind the scenes to help with the delivery of your treatment. They include:

  • Dosimetrists, who make the calculations for accurate delivery of your prescribed dose of radiation treatment. 
  • Medical physicists, who put in place and check the procedures for the best radiation treatment. They help ensure your protection and safety as well as providers involved in your treatment process.

We treat you as an individual. You will receive the focused attention of an expert team of physicians who are well trained to serve the broad needs of patients with cancer.