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Cancer ribbons

What our patients tell us about survivorship

Survivorship means something different for each patient: a meaningful support system, a way to connect and heal, a place to try new activities or an educational resource.

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girl with hand against her forehead while reading a book

Coping with brain fog after cancer treatment

Heather A. Wishart, PhD, Rebecca Choubah, OT, and Tom Griggs discuss the challenges of brain fog and how to work through it.

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Lynn Butterly, MD

A colorectal cancer screening could prove life-saving

Colorectal cancer is a preventable disease, but is still the second most common cause of cancer deaths in the United States.

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picture of man talking to doctor

Could it be testicular cancer?

Early detection leads to better outcomes, so it’s critical for men to know the symptoms.

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PCP and patient

Primary Care Providers and The Cancer Journey

A patient’s primary care provider (PCP) plays an important role in cancer prevention, screening and initial diagnosis, directed by guidelines and shared decision making.

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Rian Hasson, MD

Breaking Down Rural Barriers to Early Lung Cancer Screening

NCCC takes a close look at rural barriers to early lung cancer screening and explores better access options.

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brussels sprouts

Early Winter Cooking

Chicken and rice soup, shredded brussels sprouts salad and chocolate cherry truffles prepared by oncology dietitian Elise Cushman, RD.

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Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet with Oncology Nutritionist, Hannah R. Wolf, RD, LD

The Mediterranean Diet is one of a series of educational events and classes held by the oncology dieticians at Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

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Elise Cushman chopping vegetables in the test kitchen at the Food Coop in Lebanon, NH

NCCC’s Seasonal Cooking Demonstration

Seasonal cooking classes show how to use the freshest fruits and vegetables that are not only packed with cancer-fighting nutrients but are also colorful, delicious and perfect for entertaining or a quiet meal at home.

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