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girl with hand against her forehead while reading a book

Coping with brain fog after cancer treatment

Heather A. Wishart, PhD, Rebecca Choubah, OT, and Tom Griggs discuss the challenges of brain fog and how to work through it.

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Gary Schwartz

Using estrogen to treat breast cancer

In this video, Gary N. Schwartz, MD, and Todd Miller, PhD explain one of several breast cancer clinical trials they are leading.

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Andre Tremblay

A busy clinic for a rare cancer

Diagnosed with a rare cancer 15 years ago, Andre Tremblay is under the care of a surprisingly busy and growing clinic at Dartmouth Cancer Center.

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program is to significantly widen awareness among eligible Vermonters of the proven life-saving benefits of lung cancer screening,” said Rian M. Hasson, MD

Dartmouth Cancer Center and University of Vermont Cancer Center spearhead campaign to promote early detection of lung cancer

Vermonters Taking Action Against Cancer is a new community education program, spearheaded by Dartmouth Cancer Center and the University of Vermont Cancer Center, in partnership with Vermont’s state cancer coalition.

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Lynn Butterly, MD

A colorectal cancer screening could prove life-saving

Colorectal cancer is a preventable disease, but is still the second most common cause of cancer deaths in the United States.

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Simon Khagi, MD

Dartmouth Cancer Center medical director to discuss cancer prevention, treatment in upcoming webinar

"A Cancer Conversation: Prevention and Treatment" will be held on Tuesday, July 26, at 7:30 am.

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Julie Kim, MD, PhD

NH's high childhood cancer rates re-examined and reveal a Northeast regional problem

New study from Dartmouth Cancer Center re-examines claims of high pediatric cancer rates in New Hampshire to show that no single state in the Northeast is an outlier when taking important factors into consideration.

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