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Lynn Butterly

Preventing Colorectal Cancer through Screening

While colonoscopy can be used for the prevention or early detection of colon and rectal cancer, there are other screening options.

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Joga Ivatury, MD, in clinic

Colorectal Cancer Treatment Today and Tomorrow

The best possible treatment for colorectal cancer is as much excellent surgical technique and clinical treatments as it is actively involving patients in every aspect of the process from diagnosis to survivorship.

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Dia Draper portrait

Life in Cancer Survivorship: Dia Draper

Four years after completing treatment for colon cancer, Dia Draper reflects on life in survivorship and the complex emotions and changes in life perspective that come along with surviving a serious illness.

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Idylla device

Rapid Genomic Profiling of Colon Cancers can Improve Therapy Selection for Patients

Multicenter study led by NCCC shows vastly improved turnaround time to get results from the lab to the oncologist using the newest technology in the cancer testing space.

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colorectal polyp mapping

New AI Model Accurately Classifies Colorectal Polyps Using Slides from 24 Institutions

Dartmouth researchers have created an AI model to classify colorectal polyps on histology slides. Evaluation using 238 slides from 24 institutions across 13 US states finds that the model performs as well as practicing pathologists.

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Lynn Butterly

Prevention and Screening for Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is one of the few cancers we can actually prevent. Lynn Butterly, MD, a gastroenterologist and researcher at Norris Cotton Cancer Center talks about the importance of prevention and screening for colorectal cancer.

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Kerry Clifford

Our Patients. Their Stories. Kerry Clifford

Kerry Clifford's first interaction with Dartmouth-Hitchcock set the positive tone for every interaction she's had during her cancer treatment.

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