Patient and Family Support

At Norris Cotton Cancer Center we understand that the experience of cancer is not just medical—it’s also personal. We recognize that when a patient receives a cancer diagnosis, loved ones are also affected by the illness. We strive to enhance the comfort and quality of life of people living with cancer and those who love them. Patient- and family-centered care encompasses a broad range of programs, support services, and survivor and palliative care.

Our programs and services pay close attention to:

  • Physical and emotional comfort
  • Coordination and continuity of care
  • Shared decision making and care planning
  • Transitions of care

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A range of patient- and family-centered services are available to all patients and their families from the moment of diagnosis throughout treatment and beyond.

  • Accessing Health Records Access your Electronic Health Record (EHR) through the secure myD-H portal. Your EHR includes information about test results, past medical appointments, surgical procedures, hospitalizations, prescriptions, allergies, immunizations and other information.
  • Billing and insurance For help with billing, insurance, and financial assistance
  • Classes and programs
  • Oncology nutrition services The dietitians at Norris Cotton Cancer Center are certified as specialists in oncology nutrition and work directly with members of your care team to support patients and care givers in managing symptoms and side effects of treatment
  • Palliative care Our palliative care team works closely with patients, their loved ones, and their clinicians.
  • Patient and Family Support Services offers a variety of free programs that enhance the well-being of patients and caregivers throughout the cancer journey. We offer classes, programs, support groups, healing arts, creative arts, and resources.
  • Sharing difficult decisions Providing help to make difficult health care decisions
  • Support groups