Universidad Católica de Honduras

UNICAH students working as PESCA cancer screeners
Pictured here in rural Honduras is a team of UNICAH students working as PESCA cancer screeners. The 2017 Dartmouth Cancer Center study examined the feasibility of screening hundreds of self-identified men for five cancers over a two-day weekend event.

Our Honduran academic partner - Universidad Católica de Honduras (UNICAH)

Our active academic research platform in Honduras includes a review of all projects by the Institutional Review Board at Dartmouth College as well as the Ethics Committee at the Peter & Paul Campus of the Universidad Católica de Honduras in San Pedro Sula.

Many medical students at the University are members of their federated UNICAH Research Association dedicated primarily to epidemiological research related to health problems critical to life in Central America.

More than 50 medical students also participate as volunteers to screen women for cervical and breast cancer through the PESCA program organized and managed by La Liga Contra Cancer.

Over the past seven years, they have been valuable team members of many Dartmouth Cancer Center research projects.