During Treatment

We offer a relaxed, caring environment in a lovely rural setting. We know that emotional and mental well-being are as important to healing as the treatment itself. Surrounded by rolling hills and shady walking paths, Dartmouth Center is a place you can rest and recover.

A blood and marrow transplant (BMT) requires an average of 21 consecutive days—but only 3 to 6 hours each day are spent in actual treatment.

What should I bring to transplant?

  • Pants and shirts: a button down top is best to allow easy access to your catheter site
  • Sweater or cover up or bathrobe in case you get cold
  • Cotton socks and underwear
  • New slippers
  • Scarf, hat, or turban (you may wear your wig to and from the hospital but not in the BMT unit to decrease scalp irritation)
  • Gym shorts (if you are to have radiation)
  • New toothbrush and toothpaste (for when your white blood cell (WBC) count is high; we will give you a special toothbrush and toothpaste to use when your WBC is low)
  • Eyeglasses, if needed
  • Hairbrush, comb, electric razor

What am I NOT allowed to use?

  • Contact lenses
  • Deodorant, makeup and nail polish
  • Perfumed soap or lotion (we will provide both)
  • Mouthwash (we will provide antibacterial mouthwash)

Other items not allowed in the BMT unit

  • Wool or animal fur
  • Feather pillows (non-feather pillows and comforters are okay)
  • Flowers
  • Food