Patient and Family Support

One of the best things that has happened to me is a telephone support group. I had the opportunity to speak with other women in the same or similar situation as me. It brought me great comfort to be able to speak with these women, share our stories, give each other tips on getting through treatment, and be able to have questions answered. I got a feeling of hopefulness in a very frightening time in my life.


At Dartmouth Cancer Center we understand that the experience of cancer is not just medical—it’s also personal. We recognize that when a patient receives a cancer diagnosis, loved ones are also affected by the illness. We strive to enhance the comfort and quality of life of people living with cancer and those who love them. Patient- and family-centered care encompasses a broad range of programs, support services, and survivorship and palliative care.

Our programs and services pay close attention to:

  • Coordination and continuity of care
  • Physical and emotional comfort
  • Shared decision making and care planning
  • Transitions of care

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A range of patient- and family-centered services are available to all patients and their families from the moment of diagnosis throughout treatment and beyond.