XOFIGO rA-223 Therapy for Bone Metastases

What is XOFIGO® rA-223 therapy?

XOFIGO —pronounced zo-fee-Goh—contains radium Ra 223, a radiotherapeutic isotope that kills cancer cells. It is also known as radium Ra 223-dichloride. We deliver XOFIGO as an injection that takes about one minute. You will receive one injection each month for six months.

This medication binds to fast-growing bone cells, including cancer cells in the bones. In this way, we deliver therapeutic radiation as close to the cancerous cells as possible. 

Why am I having XOFIGO rA-223 therapy?

Cells from hormone-resistant cancer in your prostate have spread to your bones, where they are causing pain. XOFIGO slows the growth of cancer in your bones to reduce your pain.

What type of technology does XOFIGO rA-223 therapy use?

The creators of this medication have bioengineered XOFIGO to deliver radiation therapy directly to bone cancer cells.

What conditions are treated using XOFIGO rA-223 therapy?

XOFIGO is FDA-approved only for treating bone cancer that has spread from the prostate. We are currently investigating whether it might also help people with bone cancer that has spread from their breast.

What will I experience during XOFIGO rA-223 treatment?

With XOFIGO treatment injections, some people experience side effects due to the impact of the radiation on bone marrow and the digestive system. Your provider will talk to you about any possible side effects. 

Do I need to take any special precautions while being treated with XOFIGO?

There are no limits to your proximity to other people. However, you should use a condom if you have intercourse. If your partner might become pregnant, they should also use birth control. Additionally, anyone who handles your bodily fluids should wear gloves and wash their hands afterward.